Lisbon Airport Explored: Eveything You Need To Know About Travelling To Lisbon Airport

Lisbon is one of those amazing places that manages to seamlessly blend together centuries of tradition with the energy and dynamism of the new. From ancient monuments to winding cobbled streets and restored palaces, all the way through to Art Nouveau cafés, fabulous restaurants and exciting nightlife, the Portugeese capital has it all and can be easily reached via Lisbon Portela Airport, just 7km away.

Last year a huge investment in the airport, which dealt with in excess of 13 million passengers, saw the services there vastly modernised and a second terminal opened to cater to domestic flights only. In fact visitors to Lisbon Airport are ridiculously spoilt for choice when it comes to extracurricular facilities, whether it´s to indulge in some retail therapy or relax with a drink.

Most of the shops are open between 07.00am and 23.00pm and although there is the usual abundance of duty free, book and convenience stores, there is also an astonishing array of fashion and accessory outlets including Lacoste, the Sunglass Hut and a couple of jewellers. For those that want to take a flavour of Portugal back home with them, there are also two delicatessens.

Once you have shopped-til-you-drop and are in need of some serious refuelling, there are a choice of either self-service or waiter service restaurants. These vary between the culturally apt, such as Passarola restaurant, to the culturally familliar, in the form of McDonalds and Pizza Hut. There is even a Harrods Knightsbridge coffee and snack bar for those that are truly homesick for Blighty. For lighter refreshment there are a selection of cafes and bars scattered around the departures area mainly, although there is an Expresso Café and Delta Café in arrivals.

Getting to and from the airport is the biggest priority for many and to really take advantage of everything that this amazing city has to offer it is best to organise a Lisbon Airport Car Hire. There are 7 companies in total that offer car rental at Lisbon Airport, but Auto Jardim, located within the terminal, is the most convenient for those travelling with children, the in-firmed or elderly. The other 6 – Alamo, Avis, Budget, Europcar, Hertz and Sixt – all provide cars that are wellmaintained and generally under 8 months old but check with individual agencies to find out what else is included in the quoted price.

Another option is to get a Lisbon Airport Transfer. By booking in advance it ensures a driver is there to meet you in arrivals and take you straight to your transportation. This avoids any hanging about which is often the case when relying on other means of transport such as a taxi, which have stands located outside both the arrivals and departure halls.

There is no train station but there are several bus routes that take in the airport. These go to a variety of destinations including metro stations stops, the city centre and Oriente Station, a main railway station from where national and international trains can be caught. Bus fares currently are €1.30 for a single trip.

For further information on Lisbon Airport including arrivals and departures, bus timetables, car hire quotes, parking, weather and much more go to The Lisbon Airport

Making And Entrance – Unique Wedding Transport

Arriving at your wedding or event needs to make a statement. This is the after all the first impression that your guests are going to have of you and the theme of your event. A limousine, vintage car, or horse drawn carriage are some of the more traditional ways of arriving at your wedding. But to truly arrive at your wedding in style and to make a unique entrance, you may want to consider some more unconventional wedding transportation.

For a truly unique entrance arrive to your wedding ceremony in a hot air balloon. This style of transportation would be most effective during an outdoor wedding ceremony. Imagine your wedding ceremony taking place in the country or in a vineyard and your bridal party arriving in magnificent hot air balloon. Not only would it be a fantastic experience to have with your future husband but also you guests will be blown away. The timing and time of year would need to be taken into consideration with this type of wedding transportation. You should also have a backup plan as there may be weather conditions that would prevent the hot air balloon from taking flight. If all goes to plan a hot air balloon for your wedding transport will be the talk of your guests and would be remembered for some time. It would also give rise to some beautiful wedding photographs.

For a more cosmopolitan and modern entrance arrive to your wedding on the back of the back of a Harley Davidson or Motor bike. This entrance is certain to create quite a stir. The revs of the engines will let everyone know you have arrived. In choosing this type of wedding transportation you would have to consider the type of wedding dress you will be wearing and also your hair style needs. If you choose to have a less formal dress and hair then the Harley Davidson is perfect for your modern wedding.

A Gondola is extremely romantic and is perfect as wedding transportation for a wedding ceremony or reception by a lake or river. Not only would it be a serene and beautiful entrance and give rise to spectacular photographs, your guests will truly be impressed. Leaving your ceremony or reception on the Gondola is symbolic of your life long journey together on the river of life and love.

A Jet Ski entrance is suitable for an informal beach wedding where the bride and bridal party are dressed in shorter beach attire. Although the jet ski seems less practical as an entrance or form of wedding transport, picture a warm summers day where the guests are waiting in anticipation and in the distance on the ocean your see a bride and groom and the bridal party arriving on the back of jet skis. Imagine the excitement that this entrance would create as well as an expectation of a fun and relaxed wedding.

For an exotic entrance arrive to your wedding on the back of an elephant. Making an entrance on the back of an elephant would suit a wedding ceremony held at the zoo or in a botanical garden or even a rainforest wedding. You could either ride the elephant bare backed or sit inside a tent on the back of the elephant.
Whichever choice you make will certainly create an air of mystery, romance and fantasy for your wedding.
So whether it is by air, water, land or sea make the most unique entrance by choosing wedding transport that makes the ultimate impression. Arriving on a gondola, elephant, Jet Ski, Harley Davidson or hot air balloon is sure to entertain and leave your guests with an air of excitement and fantasy.

Long-distance Moving And Cargo Transportation

Long-distance moving or cargo transportation is always a big problem and causes a lot of troubles. You leave to another town and have to move your furniture and home appliances? Do you have to move from one office to another and ship your computers, safe-deposits and documents? Do you have business connected with cargo delivery? Probably you realize that in case of long-distance moving and cargo transportation a lot of difficulties appear. Sems moving and storage, Toronto movers will help you to solve all these problems.

Already on the first stage of moving you may meet with adversities, such as incompetent movers. Today some services provided by the moving companies relate to cargo packing or packing of your belongings and furniture. Imagine that your heirloom falls into the hands of the man who is not enough skilled to pack precious things. With difficulty movers packed your belongings, but movers also must get them down the stairs and carry belongings to truck (in case you chose motor transportation). The movers crew must work like an “orchestra”, in other words in concert, feather in. That is why fresh hand crew engaged in the “neighboring market” can not be considered professional movers. It would be better if you entrust your moving to professional movers, the more especially as they possess necessary automotive equipment (for example, loading winches), which is meant to deliver cargo or your belongings to the place destination perfectly safe. Sems moving and storage, Toronto movers are exactly what you need! Additionally it is important to note that you may call in advance moving or transportation company and they will estimate the amount of work, chose the best transportation mode and the most convenient schedule of movement or shipping schedule. Sems moving and storage, Toronto movers have professional customer service which will reply promptly to all your requests and questions.

Long-distance transportation mode should be chosen carefully. Each type of transportation has its own advantages and disadvantages. Undoubtedly air transportation is the fastest one. It is a pleasure to imagine how “steel bird” delivers you cargo in a couple of hours for over than thousand of kilometers. However in case that term of delivery is not a critical point, then air transportation is really expensive mode.

Not less popular cargo transportation mode is railway transportation. You may order an entire covered truck or a separate container. Of course cargo will be delivered in longer term than in case of air transportation, but saving is great.
Motor transportation is the most mobile cargo transportation mode. Sems moving and storage, Mississauga movers specialize in motor transportation and moving. Motor vehicles depend neither on rails nor on non-flying weather. They criss-cross the country being driven by the long distance truckers. At present there are a lot of vehicles used in transportation, for example articulated lorries (with or without trailers), trucks with semi-trailers and refrigerated trucks, as well as a lot of other types of motor vehicles used in transportation and moving. Sems moving and storage, Toronto movers will help you to choose the most optimal vehicle. The price of cargo transportation or moving depends on truck you chose and travel time. If you decided to choose motor transportation then good logistics helps you to decrease travel time.

Check you moving or transportation company in Internet: isn’t it in either “black-list”. The injured clients often complain against companies, which provide poor services. There were cases when transportation companies picked up especially valuable cargo and disappeared forever. It is important to concern about right contract with transportation or moving company. You should study with attention what indemnification is provided in case your cargo or belongings are damaged or lost, as well as indemnification for delay. With sems moving and storage, Mississauga movers you may be sure that your cargo will be delivered safely and in time.
Also you should concern about your cargo insurance. The risk of force majeure always exists; it may make a mess of your plans. Professional moving and transportation companies provide insurance to their clients. Sems moving and storage, Toronto movers cooperate only with safe insurance companies. This will help you to take your mind off troubles!

Do You Need Transportation For a Large Group?

If you have a large group of people that need to travel together then you may need to hire a bus charter service. There are a number of different reason in which charter service is needed whether it be a large school group or a even a wedding. There are a number of different reasons why you may need to haul a large group of people and you want to make sure that you do it comfortably.

There are a number of different companies that offer bus charter service and you will need to do your research to find a company that is going to fit your needs and budget. If you are planning on taking a long trip then you might want to ensure that the company that you hire has extras on the bus such as a restroom or offers movie service. Make sure that you choose a company that has gotten positive reviews in the past so that you do not get taken for a ride in which you do not want to go on. Make sure that the company you choose has you and your guests’ safety as their number one priority.

When it comes to choosing your charter bus service it can seem like a daunting task. If you need more than one bus you will want to choose a company that has more than just one bus in your area. You will want to check to see how long a company has been in business. If they have been in business for a while, then it means they are doing something right. Also check to see whether or not the company has a maintenance facility so that you can ensure that they are keep their buses safe to be out on the road.

When doing your research for a bus charter service make sure that you have a list of questions available to ask them so that you can ensure that you are not leaving something important out. Make sure the company is insured and does not have a long track history of accidents so that you can ensure that you will be taking the safest trip possible.

Professional bus charter company providing bus charter service in Singapore. Check out MyBus now.

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Businesses Need Transport Vans

If you’re a business owner, there are quite a few services you provide to customers that require that you own a business vehicle. Not only is it an important tool to get your customers their merchandise or transporting work equipment, it’s a great way to advertise your business all over town. There are many reasons to incorporate a business vehicle or any other kind of transportation into your business. If you’re in a trade business, such as electrical and your business responds to house calls, your employees have to have a method of getting there with all of the necessary tools. If one of your services is that you provide your customers with free delivery, you’ve got to have a way to get them their product right?

Now, providing that you do have a business vehicle, you need to be sure that it’s properly covered. Every vehicle has to have quality insurance coverage, for a few reasons. If your employees are the ones delivering your products, you don’t get to see the way they drive, so you would want to know that if anything does happen, the vehicle is insured.

If there was an accident and it was your drivers fault, you don’t need to end up having to pay out of pocket for all of the damage expenses. So, the safe thing to do is make sure that your vehicle is properly insured for your business. One of the fastest and most reliable ways of doing this, is by going online to Progressive’s Commercial site and getting quoted for your van or other vehicle.

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Over 22M self-driving consumer vehicles expected on roads by 2025

New findings from Juniper Research reveal that the annual production of self-driving cars will reach 14.5 million in 2025, up significantly from only a few thousands in 2020, to give a global installed base of more than 22 million consumer vehicles by 2025.
Over 22M self-driving consumer vehicles expected on roads by 2025
©Karsten Neglia via 123RF
The new research, ‘Autonomous Vehicles & ADAS: Adoption, Regulation & Business Models 2016-2025’, found that the market adoption of AV (autonomous vehicle) technology is set to accelerate over the next few years, driven by:

• increasingly stringent vehicle safety specifications,
• environmental pressures, and
• rapid technological developments.

End of the road for taxi drivers?

The research found that driverless vehicles will have a disruptive impact on transportation around the world and will ultimately lead to millions of professional drivers being made redundant. The research company predicts that city-based taxi services will be one of the key early adopters of driverless vehicles.

Research author Gareth Owen added: “The introduction of driverless cars will result in fundamental changes to the automotive world and society in general, and it is clear that the boundaries between private vehicle ownership, car sharing and rental fleets will increasingly become blurred.”

However, the research warned that following the first-ever fatality in an AV vehicle, the recent Tesla S accident in Florida, the AV industry must convince the public that their vehicles are completely safe.

OEMs accelerating AV development

Juniper found that a number of major OEMs including BMW, Toyota and GM are accelerating their AV development and testing programmes and now have firm plans to launch production vehicles. As a result, the company forecasts that driverless vehicles will start to become widespread in the 2020-2025 timeframe, although they will initially be confined to city centres or key routes due to the need for extensive V2X (vehicle-to-everything) infrastructure.

Final lineup for Rage Festival 2016

With only four days to go before Rage 2016 descends on the KZN coastline, the festival has announced the final acts to join the lineup.
Rage Festival offers attendees The Sound Factory with its five stages, 26 club nights across the KZN East Coast, as well as more than 90 international and local artists.

Final lineup for Rage Festival 2016

Additional acts

The festival will feature international acts such as South London’s multi-talented TroyBoi who specialises in unique, versatile, and highly musical tracks that fuse various textures from multiple genres; Brazil’s Vintage Culture, who creates a unique brand of dance music merging retro synth pop influences with modern deep house and nu disco; and Melbourne’s bounce maestro Brynny and psy trance DJ Ghost Rider, who processes his emotions and ideas to form a dynamic and catchy sound. All the acts will perform at the festival’s mega-venue, The Sound Factory.


As for the homegrown talent, Goldfish, Da Les, DJ Invizable, Huckleberry, Royal K, Mooi, Bomb Squad, Kallisto, Cayoss, Evida, Feedback, Park, Smiddie and many more will take to the stage.

Previously announced acts include Agents of Time, Alok, Class A, Bhaskar, Boogie Vice, Shapeless, Sons of Maria and RTD.

Purchase a Rage Passport

The Black and Platinum passports have already sold out, leaving only a limited number of General passports available. General Rage Passports cost R950.

Passports tiers available at –

Passports are not for sale to persons under the age of 18. Attendees need to be 18 at the start of Rage on 26 November 2016 to be granted access to the festival and venues.

Jozi shuttle service

The Jozi shuttle service gives Ragers an easy and safe alternative operating transportation service from all sectors of South Africa. Established in 2009 as ‘Jozi Jol’ Shuttle service, the aim and focus was to eliminate students from drinking and driving to and from the jol.

The Jozi Shuttles offering has expanded since 2009, offering more versatile transportation packages to more areas.


JHB to Umhlanga/Ballito
Pick up – OR Tambo International Airport
Drop off – Ballito Bay Mall
Drop off – Gateway Shopping Mall

Umhlanga/Ballito to JHB
Pick up – Ballito Bay Mall
Pick up – Gateway Shopping Mall
Drop off – OR Tambo International Airport

Rage Festival 2016 app

The Rage Festival App provides up-to-the-minute event news and Rage Festival competitions. The App also provides users the ability to create their own custom event schedules and share these with friends on the App. The app may be downloaded on the Android Playstore and the iOS App Store.

Plan to bypass tender process in IPTS spend

In a race against time to spend R93.1-million on its troubled bus system before the April launch date, the Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality wants to bypass the tender processes yet again.
markusmarcinek via
markusmarcinek via Pixabay
The news comes as about R2.5-billion was ploughed into the Integrated Public Transport System (IPTS) over the past nine years and only a handful of the contracts went out to tender.

City officials believe the municipality’s lengthy procurement processes would hamper its plans to have the buses on the Cleary Park route in five months’ time. Last month, the national Treasury allocated R93.1- million towards the roll-out of the project – money that must be spent by the end of the financial year, which is on 30 June.

The metro has, however, committed to a launch date in April for the Cleary Park route, which would run from Cleary Park to the Port Elizabeth central business district and NMMU.

In a confidential report to the roads and transport committee, which met yesterday, director of roads, stormwater and transportation Yusuf Gaffore proposed that the city piggybacks on existing tenders from other municipalities which have successfully implemented the IPTS.

He said the metro was battling with severe staff shortages and did not have a number of requirements in place to “go live” in April.

Some of the requirements prescribed by the Department of Transport, which Gaffore said were not in place, included an automated fare collection system, depot facilities, assessment and operational staff, vehicle operating contracts, a marketing and communications plan, a universal access plan, programme management services, and infrastructure design and implementation management.

Since its inception, the municipality has poured about R2.5-billion into the IPTS and almost all contracts over the past four years were not subjected to a bidding process.

Companies were instead handpicked through a deviation process.

The IPTS was also the subject of a forensic probe by the Treasury – a report which has yet to be released more than a year after the municipality was handed a draft.

In Gaffore’s report, he wrote that strategic decisions and creativity had to come into play for the municipality to spend all the money from the Treasury.

“[We have] scrutinised the environment in which the IPTS operates and given the available supply chain and recruitment processes, [we] came to the realisation the two most pressing objectives might not be realised.

“The municipality can therefore capitalise on the available contracts secured by [other] cities.

“Not that the initiative will be beneficial only in terms of time, but procuring services that are already tested given the cost involved in the identified outstanding services and their complexities,” Gaffore wrote.

He said the metro’s current staff organogram did not deal sufficiently with the operational requirements of the IPTS.

The political head of the committee, councillor Rano Kayser, declined to comment on Gaffore’s proposal, saying it was a confidential report which had been withdrawn because it should be handled by the administration.

India’s Charter Aircraft Services: At Par With Excellence


With world growing smaller place to live in day by day, more and more people are seen spending times on road than home. In the process they have to travel at places where, may be their general mode of transportation doesn’t reach out. India, the country has air transportation- yet not in all places! Rails reach most of the places yet take more time which may be expensive enough for you to meet loss at the prospective project due to delay in reaching. So charter aircraft services have started booming in India to save you the time and torture of staying on road most of the time.

A detail of what is a charter aircraft service and what do you expect in Indian scenario?

Planes as jets, jumbo jets, helicopters etc are generally used in charter aircraft service. They can schedule your trip to any destination. May be in the process you need to change your mode of flying crafts yet you will reach the spot directly. The agencies providing these customized trips do also provide cars and book hotels if you make a request for the foresaid. The aircrafts vehicles can carry more than one people. They are smaller than public aircrafts. The time of landing and takeoff has no restrictions. You can sit cozily inside the charter plane and discuss your business policy at cool and concentrated mind.

Where can you book the service of charter aircraft service?

Many online agencies look into this matter. They have tie up with several charter aircraft providers who can travel round the globe. You have to make an initial deposit and have to inform your schedule prior to the allotted time so that you can travel hassle free. The crafts are all luxury statements with great hospitality services. Net is flooded with such online agencies. Sometimes you can reach your destination by single charter aircraft and at other times you have to change your vehicle. Whatever are the circumstances yet the best part is that you are buying out time and health with this service at all cost. You need not stand in line for booking your travel nor do you have to schedule your trip according to flight time. Also you need not fall hay wire if you suddenly face situation of reaching a place. Simply book online the service of charter aircraft service in India and lead a peaceful life.

The Logic Behind Gas Transmission Metrics

If you are in the business of producing gas, no matter what type of gas your resultant product is, you would surely be familiar with the concept of gas production metrics. This is because the metrics implemented here are very much helpful in ensuring the productive performance of the business itself. However, the need for metrics does not end just there at all. For after gas production, there is also what is known as gas transmission. And to ensure the productive flow of this particular aspect, you will also need to implement gas transmission metrics.

To have a more in-depth understanding of gas transmission metrics, it is a must to understand gas transmission on its own. There are so many companies all over America, and even the whole world, that specialize in the production of gas. Let us say, just for discussion’s sake, that the gas being produced by a particular company is natural gas. Once natural gas is produced, the focus would then be placed on the transmission of this gas from the company itself to the end users, which are the consumers of the gas market. And this is where gas transmission enters the picture.

In its most basic form, a gas transmission company would have what is known as a pipeline system for the apt transmission of gas to their end users. Transmission here pertains to the transportation of energy, which is gas, from the source of production, which can be gas fields, to end users, both residential and commercial. Transmission networks are then needed for the transportation of gas, which would then be in the form of pipelines. Depending on the coverage of a company’s distribution area, these pipelines can stretch for miles and miles, just to cover the distribution area as completely as possible. Because of the extent of operations and service here, it no longer comes as a surprise why there is an imminent need to implement gas transmission metrics.

A number of factors can be included and considered during the development of gas transmission metrics. The important thing to remember in choosing which factors to go with should be relevance. As there are many factors that can be considered, it is actually discouraged to use a lot of these when developing metrics. This is because the large quantity can overshadow just what it is that the metrics are plotted to measure in the first place. Thus, it is better to just pick out the relevant ones and focus on these accordingly.

Here are some of factors that would make good gas transmission metrics. For starters, reference tariffs should be included on the scorecard. These fees should be monitored closely and enforced strictly. Regular monitoring of reference tariffs can ensure the progressive performance of the organization as a whole. Aside from that, metrics pertaining to incentive regulations would also make great choices here.

There also might come a time an organization would need to change the gas transmission metrics that they have implemented. This sometimes needs to be done to deal with the ever-changing pace of industries today.